Success In Your Market

The 2 Guys Named Chris Show is a high-profile morning show that establishes a loyal audience and has been a proven revenue generator with ratings you can sell. Establish this show as a cornerstone for your station’s success.


Major-market talent. Many regular cast members who constantly work to be funny, edgy, and entertaining. The show has been together for fifteen years and their on-air chemistry is unmatched.

Ratings & Revenue

2 Guys Named Chris ratings success translates to success for your station. 2 Guys Named Chris deliver increased audience, increased revenue and listener loyalty.


All the benefits of a major market morning show without the time-consuming downside of managing all the little details. Leave that to us!


A 15+ year track record of delivering great ratings and revenue and a track record of getting out and meeting listeners and clients who want to become part of the show’s success.


The 2 Guys Named Chris Show will record custom promos, liners and voice work to promote the show, the station and its promotions.

Start-up & Operation

You will receive access to the 2 Guys Named Chris programming start-up material, including “best of” audio that can be used to tease and promote the show leading up to the sign-on. You’ll have access to our Programming Operations Manual with cast bios, phone listings for the 2 Guys Named Chris staff, logos, graphics, images and sales materials, clocks and other technical information. Pre-produced promos and daily highlights are available every weekday.

Marketing & Promotion

You will receive comprehensive marketing and promotion support, including help with print and billboard campaigns, and creative ideas your team can use to boost revenue out of the box!


And, of course, the 2GNC network staff is available full-time to provide hands-on support for your programming, technical, marketing, and sales needs.