Meet The Cast

When Chris and Chris first met, they instantly hated each other- they worked at competing radio stations and both had trouble meeting women, so each of them was already in a bad mood. However, as the years went by, they became friends and jumped when they had a chance to do their own morning radio show. Hysterical and irreverent, The 2 Guys Named Chris Show creates “must listen” radio every morning.

Chris Kelly

"Average White Guy - Whiter Than Vanilla"

Chris Kelly got his first radio job when he was 16, at a little 5000 watt radio station called the Kickin’ Chicken. They hired him mostly because they needed someone to fill out the chicken suit and provide entertainment for store openings. He’s been working on the 2 Guys Named Chris Show for the past 15 years. These days, his favorite hobbies are being told what to do by his wife, whom he adores, and accidentally saying things he probably shouldn’t to his two children, whom he also adores…most of the time. You will often find him in a minivan on the way to a baseball practice or a dance recital or pretending to sleep so no one bothers him.

Chris Demm

"Trivia Knowledge Second To None"

Chris Demm was an Army brat...born in France, and raised in Richmond, Virginia. When he was very young, he discovered he could make other people laugh by doing silly voices and making smart-aleck remarks. Now, he does it for a living. Demm met Kelly in the early '90s and they started this morning show in January of 1999.


"Punch Lines Could Knock Out Mike Tyson"

Biggie has been a member of the 2 Guys Named Chris Show since 2008. He is the producer, phone screener, and resident Diva of the show. He will complain about a lot. A LOT. Before joining Rock 92, Biggie was a Pizza shop manager... In an unrelated note Biggie now tips the scales at 500 pounds. He takes too many pictures of his dog, spends too much time on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and may or may not stalk Kate Upton. Oh, and we forgot to mention Biggie's Mom recently moved in with him, pretty much ensuing that he will stay single for forseeable future.

Dave Aiken

"Not Sure If Dave Is Ever Not Drunk"

Dave Aiken fun facts: Dave loves Jimmy Buffet (There is a pending restraining order), he joined the 2 Guys Named Chris Show after saving Chris Kelly's life in a near-fatal, chicken bone choking episode, if you ask him his opinion of something he will never ever ever give it to you, he loves Football more than he loves anything else, he likes beer and women and.. well... beer and women, he once punched a belligerent, coked-up Ed McMahon in the face, he can do more with a hot dog and a corn tortilla than Guy Fieri can do with a whole kitchen full of food, he will recite lines from "Jaws" with you for hours, and, finally, he has slept with your mother.