Delivery Method


The 2GNC Show is delivered to your station via the internet. Using the latest in Audio Over IP encoding technology a high quality stereo audio feed is send over the internet using equipment made by APT. The Worldcast IP Decoder is the model you will install at your station. It will provide the stereo audio outputs that you will send into your audio console. It also provides the relay closures that you can use in your automation system to have the show completely automated.

Relays / Triggers

2 relay closures are used. One closure will be the ‘JOIN NETWORK’ cue. This will turn on the audio channel on your console that has the audio feed from the APT unit hooked to it. You may also use it to send into your automation system if needed. The second closure will be the ‘START LOCAL BREAK’ cue. This will start your automation system playing your local break material. May also be used to turn off the network audio channel on your console.

Time Zone Shift

The Two Guys Named Chris Show airs live from 6am Eastern to 10am Eastern. If your station is in another time zone we can provide a time delayed feed for your station so it can air at the recommended time.


The technical support staff at the 2GNC Show will assist you in every step needed to successfully deliver the show to your station. Once you sign up to be an affiliate, a short questionnaire will be sent to help us analyse your internet, automation interface and possible time zone offset.

Optional Equipment

While our prefered method is using the APT unit, if your station already owns a Comrex Access unit we can provide a feed that is compatible with that unit.